Digital Prayas Services Used:

Lead Generation
Social Media Marketing
Website Development

Project Overview

Sandeep Dwellers Pvt. Ltd (SDPL) is a leading builder and developer in Nagpur, India, with over 35 years of experience. They are one of the trusted names in the real estate industry and are committed to providing their customers with quality homes and commercial spaces.

SDPL has a wide portfolio of residential and commercial projects, ranging from 1 to 4 BHK apartments, duplexes, rowhouses, bungalows, townships, and commercial complexes. Their projects are known for their spacious layouts, elegant designs, and high-quality construction.

Client’s Challenge:

SDPL used to do traditional marketing such as print ads, hoardings, and brochures. However, they were not able to generate enough leads through these channels. In the digital era, people are increasingly looking for information online, so SDPL needed to find a way to reach their target audience through digital channels.

Our Challenges and Goals:

  1. Multi-Project Management: Managing a diverse portfolio of 13 projects concurrently, including SDPL Om – Lakadganj, Aashray at 5 locations, and others, posed a complex challenge. Coordinating efforts across these varied projects demanded seamless communication, strategic alignment, and a comprehensive approach to marketing and client engagement.
  2. Consistent Growth: Ensuring continual and sustainable growth across all projects was a pivotal challenge. Achieving steady progress without compromising on quality demanded a well-executed marketing strategy that resonated with different market segments, while managing varying project timelines and scopes.
  3. Diverse Target Audience: The project’s diverse nature, spanning affordable to high-end segments across Nagpur’s four directions, required tailored marketing efforts for various target audiences. Successfully engaging potential clients across this spectrum demanded understanding their distinct preferences and needs, from budget-conscious buyers to those seeking luxury properties.
  4. Lead Quantity and Quality: Maintaining sales momentum requires a consistent flow of high-quality leads. Balancing lead quantity with quality posed a challenge, demanding a refined lead generation strategy to ensure genuine interest and likelihood to convert.
  5. Market Competition: Navigating a competitive real estate market, with numerous developers vying for attention, posed a significant challenge. Establishing a distinct brand presence for SDPL’s projects and effectively differentiating them demanded strategic branding and positioning.

Addressing these challenges demanded a holistic and strategic approach, aligning project management, marketing efforts, and client engagement to achieve consistent growth and success across SDPL’s diverse portfolio.

The Remarkable Result

Results and Achievements:

  • Total Generated Leads: 4500
  • Campaign Duration: 12 months
  • ROI (Return on Investment): 210%
  • Brokerage Saved: Rs. 69 Lakhs