Project Overview

Digital Prayas undertook the task of designing a logo for Vidarbha Property, a brokerage-free marketplace website focused on real estate. The primary objective was to create a visually appealing logo that prominently highlighted the concept of “home” while maintaining a sense of simplicity and elegance.

Design Objectives:

The objective of the project was to design a Combination Mark logo that effectively represented the core focus of Vidarbha Property as a brokerage-free real estate marketplace. The logo needed to prominently feature the idea of “home” while ensuring it was visually impactful and recognizable. The logo was expected to resonate with the target audience, instilling trust and confidence in the platform’s services.

Design Process:

  1. Research and Discovery: The project commenced with an in-depth research phase, where Digital Prayas gained insights into the real estate market in Nagpur and the Vidarbha region. The team also familiarized themselves with the unique selling points of Vidarbha Property, such as the brokerage-free approach and the platform’s user-friendly property posting system.
  2. Logo Creativity Samples: The team aimed to strike a balance between creativity and simplicity to ensure a visually appealing yet easily comprehensible logo. From the ideation phase, Digital Prayas developed 3-4 logo samples, each presenting distinct design elements and typography. These samples showcased different visual representations of “home” while maintaining the brand’s professionalism and identity.
  3. Client Collaboration: The logo samples were presented to the client, initiating a collaborative process that encouraged active feedback and suggestions. The client’s preferences and insights were taken into consideration, leading to the selection of one logo concept as the foundation for further development.
  4. Revisions and Refinement: The chosen logo concept underwent three rounds of revisions. During this stage, the design team meticulously refined the logo’s elements, including color schemes, typography, and iconography, to align with the client’s vision and requirements.
  5. Final Approval: After incorporating the client’s feedback and finalizing the logo, Digital Prayas obtained the client’s approval.


The approved logo was then delivered in various file formats for versatile usage across different marketing materials and digital platforms.

  1. The final logo in high-resolution vector formats (CDR and PSD).
  2. High-resolution raster files (JPEG, PNG) for versatile usage across digital and print media.
  3. A black and white version of the logo for various applications.

Logo Design, Branding

Logo Type

Combination Mark


Vidarbha Property