Project Overview

Shree Vishwamrut is a Multi-Specialty Ayurveda Clinic in Nagpur, dedicated to traditional Ayurvedic healing through natural remedies and personalized treatment plans. Renowned for offering the best Ayurveda treatments in Nagpur, the clinic specializes in therapies such as Panchkarma. Over the past 10 years, Shree Vishwamrut has treated thousands of patients. With comprehensive facilities for both outpatients and inpatients, the clinic makes holistic wellness accessible to everyone.

Services Used:

UI Design
Web Development
Content Writing

Key Features and Functionality:

The website features an interactive appointment booking form, seamlessly allowing users to schedule appointments. It has integrated YouTube videos and social media links for enhanced engagement. The website also provides detailed descriptions of the treatments and therapies offered by the hospital. Furthermore, a dynamic popup highlights the offer after a specified time interval of page load, enhancing user engagement and promotion.