Project Overview

Tropical Waters RV Park is nestled on the North end of Pine Island in the charming town of Bokeelia, Florida, USA. The park covers a vast area of 10 acres and is home to a variety of RVs. It’s an older park with mostly permanent and semi-permanent RVs and park models, providing a peaceful getaway in beautiful surroundings.

Client’s Challenge:

Tropical Waters RV Park had achieved substantial occupancy, with most of its RV homes being rented out. However, the challenge lay in renting out the remaining 30 units, available for rent at a rate of $699 per month. Despite the appealing features and the attractive monthly rent, the client was struggling to attract potential tenants for these specific units.

Our Challenges and Goals:

Digital Prayas took on the challenge of creating and executing a digital marketing strategy that would effectively address the client’s specific needs and drive results. Our primary goal was to generate a sufficient number of leads within a limited timeframe to ensure the occupancy of all 30 available RV homes. This involved overcoming several challenges, including:

  1. Finding Targeted Audience: We needed to identify and target the right audience segments that were most likely to be interested in renting RV homes. This required thorough market research and segmentation.
  2. Effective Campaign Strategy: Crafting a compelling and engaging campaign strategy that communicated the unique features and benefits of the RV homes while highlighting the value proposition of the $699 monthly rent.
  3. Time Sensitivity: Ensuring that the generated leads were effectively nurtured and guided through the rental process to maximize the conversion rate and fill all 30 units within the stipulated timeframe.
  4. Optimizing ROI: Balancing the client’s budget constraints while maximizing the return on investment (ROI) from the digital marketing campaign, including both ad spend and our service fees.

Digital Marketing


Lead Generation


Tropical Waters RV Park

Results and Achievements:

  • Total Generated Leads: 91
  • Campaign Duration: 30 Days
  • Impression Count: 20,897
  • Conversion Ratio: 16.48%