While planning to promote any business and services, there are two ways to achieve this.

  1. Traditional Marketing
  2. Digital Marketing

Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing:

We are discussing the pros and cons of each. Which gives high ROI? Which one is affordable? What kind of marketing should you choose? And, the difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing. Let’s explore everything about traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing.


Traditional marketing strategy is an offline marketing which runs regardless of the Internet. Before the birth and evolution of Digital Marketing, Advertisers must need to depend on traditional marketing. Because, it’s only the marketing that was existed before. It can be categories as:

  • Outdoor (Flyers, Banners, etc)
  • Print (Newspaper, Magazines, etc)
  • Broadcast (Radio, TV, etc)
  • Direct Mail (Brouchers, Postcards, etc)

This kind of marketing is being used from the past centuries. Everyone is using traditional marketing in their lives whether it’s seeing of outdoors or getting of morning newspaper at your doorstep.

What is Digital Marketing?


Digital marketing is also known as online marketing is the newest way of marketing. It uses the Internet as its base for the promotion. Digital Marketing is paperless and uses electronic media for its reach. It can be categories as:

  • Social Media (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc)
  • Email Marketing (Promotional email from Amazon, etc)
  • Search Engines Ads (Google, Bing, etc )

Every Internet user directly or indirectly interacts with the digital marketing daily. Whether It’s during searching on google, watching videos on YouTube, and Facebook OR surfing images on Instagram.

Traditional Marketing: Pros and Cons

Over the period gone still, advertisers are spending on traditional marketing. Because Still, It’s an effective marketing strategy. However, It’s undervalued due to the rising awareness, and known the advantages of digital marketing over traditional marketing.


Marketing Material Are More Permanent

Traditional marketing is paper-based marketing. So, It’s more durable and long laster. When any advertiser holds you his/her visiting card, it will be in your pocket until it is damaged or lost.


A Human brain remembers those things which physically exist than the five seconds skippable ads on youtube and scrollable feeds on Facebook and Instagram.


Audience Reach

The major con of traditional marketing is the audience reach. With this marketing strategy, only local customers can be targeted. On the other hand, you can target the whole city, country, or the globe with digital marketing.

Marketing Cost

The advertiser and other local business owners are moving towards digital marketing services. The reason behind it’s the cost price.

Lack of Analysis

The performance and the data analysis of traditional marketing is could not be possible unless take the feedback from the customer about the source they come from.

Digital Marketing: Pros and Cons

Digital Marketing is the boon for all the new advertisers and publishers (Blogger, YouTuber, etc). Publishers can earn extra potential income with their content. This is possible only due to digital marketing. As per the report of Feb 2020, the digital marketing budget was to increase to 13% from 11.8% the previous year Aug 2019. Every year the number of Internet users are increasing rapidly than the preceding year. Comparing with Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing, the high user engagement is found only on digital marketing.



All the pros of digital marketing are cons for traditional marketing and vice-versa.

Time Control

Digital Marketing is time-independent. You can run your campaigns at any desired time you want. You can also schedule the campaigns. This marketing offers more control over the time management.

Real Time Monitoring

You can track the live clicks, impressions, and leads without waiting for any period. So, advertisers get the actual idea upon the performance of their ads campaign. If the result is not so good, they can achieve high performance by manipulating the old one. This makes digital marketing more considerable over Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing debate.

Targeted Based

The Digital Marketing works on the target based model. It gives multiple options for selecting the right customers. You can set the target for multiple factors like county, language, age group, gender, and more important it’s interest best.


To convert the normal user into your customer requires to fill the communication gap. Digital Marketing helps us to fill this gap permanently. The advertisers can directly interact with their customers.

Editing And Customization Productivity

As the presentation over the digital marketing is paperless so it’s not fixed. We can easily add and remove the content and media from it. Which means it’s more productive than the tradional marketing.



When the ads are not reaching the right customers, it’s annoying for them. They skip the advertisement. Most users skip the ads because they are irrelevant.

We at Digital Prayas believe that the right strategy can grow your business.

Grow Your business now
Not So Permanent

Like the traditional marketing, digital marketing is less permanent (compared to banners, visiting cards, etc). However, you may save the ads on Facebook and Instagram which may retain for a longer period.

Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

Key Factors
Tradional Marketing
Digital Marketing
Defination It’s oldest marketing strategy which uses traditional media channels like TV, NewsPaper, etc. It’s the trending marketing strategy which uses electronic media channels such as Mobile, Computer, etc. It’s internet base
Marketing Cost The marketing cost is much more compared to the ROI Marketing cost is less compared with traditional marketing
Customer Interaction Direct Interaction is not possible Direct Customer interaction is possible
Editing & Customization It’s paper based and fixed. So, Customization not possible Digital Marketing is paperless marketing. So, editing is possible
Memorable It’s quiet memorable It’s less memorable
Time Control No control for time management You can run campaign at you desired time.
Audience Target  With traditional marketing only local audience can be targeted Digital marketing allows to target whole globe
Presentation Scaling Limited content can be provided only No limit to present the content. You can add videos, images and website
Data Management It not  provide the live data. On the other hand, It offers data. So, data management is possible
Result Monitoring Can’t  monitor the live result Live result monitering is possible
Analysis You can’t analyse the advertisement , whether it performing well or not Digital marketing gives the power to analyse the campaign health report
Communication Direct communication is not possible Direct communication is possible with socal media
Examples Radio, TV, NewsPaper, etc Social Media ads, PPC ad, etc

Final Verdict

Considering all the pros and cons of traditional marketing vs digital marketing, we can clearly say that the advantages of digital marketing are moreover traditional marketing. Digital marketing offers more control to run manage and run the campaign successfully. It gives more ROI and cashless too. We are master in digital marketing to move your business next level. You should always consider digital marketing when want to select one from the traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing.