There are 1.74 billion active websites on the internet as of January 2020. And its numbers increase by hundreds-thousands in each day. And it’s a wonder to know that 96% (percentage) out of the total are created only for the business purpose.

And to consume the website’s content, 4.44 billion active users over the globe, Which drastically increases from 3.62 billion compared to the year 2016.

In this article, you will get a clear idea about why should you create a website. I’m trying to explain in a very easy manner so that a non-techie and even a layman can understand it.


Having a website of your business name gives you a more reputation. And customers also feel very positive towards you. Being a professional every business should have the website to acquire the trust and to encourage the customer.


A business that runs on automation is generating greater revenue and also reduce the cost of manpower. Automation in business can be possible with a website. The physical shop or services only can be operated on working hours (from 10 AM -10 PM almost) excluding the holidays. The website can be accessible 24/7 regardless of time dependency.

For Example – People can book the order at 03 AM from Amazon irrespective of time.

Gain Popularity

People are always researching the best thing over the Internet. Like Best- Gym, Coaching Centers, Classes, Hospitals, Shop, etc on their locality. Those results come on search engines people approach them. This search volume may be in a hundred or thousand even in lacks also. If you don’t have a website you miss such huge auto driven customers.

A website brings traffic so that the customers get an idea about your business and you become more popular than your competitors.

Build The Trust

Trust establishment is the key factor to sustain customer. The very common saying is ‘There is trust there will be the customers’. As per the general survey report, 56% of people don’t trust the businesses that don’t have a website.

And to acquire the trust and bond among such people, you must have to create a website.

Save The Referring Fees

More than half of the businesses pay the referral commission only for addressing the business. The customer tells the name of the referral guy who address him and that entry is counted in the referral’s account. This old strategy can be reduced or completely eliminated with the website.

Book an Appointment

If you’re a consultant, lawyer, doctor, trainer, and people need an appointment to meet you? If you are hustling with the managing the appointment or might yo have multiple receptionists to handle them.

This can be made automated with a website where the customers can select the appropriate schedule according to them.

Sell Products & Services

In the last few years, people love e-commerce technology. Because they can buy the products from the home without wasting their time and fuel.

If you’re a retailer or shop owner even you can sell your products or services to the customers using a website (E-commerce).

Track your Customers

In the digital world, you can achieve more automated strategies than physical ones. You can track the customers who visited your site. The advanced tracking can be possible like the behavior and need of the customer and much more.

Keep your Customers Informed

A website is an all in one business solution. You can share your opinions by writing the number of the post so that your customers get in touch with you. OR even you can share about the news and events (You’re reading is a post).

Save Money & Time

You might be thinking, a website is an investment and how it can save your money, right?

Well, a website is a small investment that saves your lifetime business cost and time. If you have the website you can ultimately reduce the printing cost of brochures, flyers, and banners which only use to illustrate the services and products of your business. I already told it also reduces the referral fees.

A website can save you lots of time by making your business automated.

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